Puerto Rico's Act 20 and 22

Puerto Rico’s Acts 20 and 22 provide a unique opportunity for businesses and investors to enjoy significant tax savings—the average participant’s effective total tax rate is reduced to just 7-10% of their annual income if they meet certain criteria (most importantly that they spend 183 days per year in Puerto Rico, have a “closer connection” to PR than to the States, and that their income is passive profit from services exported out of PR).

For those that meet the criteria, the program is life-changing—a dramatic move toward economic freedom while enjoying all of the protections of US law and living in a tropical paradise. The process of qualifying, transitioning, and settling, however, is daunting. That’s why we are here to help. 

Relocating to Puerto Rico for Act 20 Act 22 Concierge

Act 20/22 Relocation Services by REX: Relocation Experts

 Is this too good to be true? 

No, the structure established in Acts 20 and 22 is not a gimmick or a loophole, but was very intentionally established to bring entrepreneurs into Puerto Rico. It works for hundreds of individuals and is the best tax incentive available to Americans. As with any complex financial planning measure that spans two independent national taxing authorities, though, you need a good plan and good counsel to make sure that your move is structured properly.

 Will it work for me? 

The program has a wide range of applications, but is best suited to those that provide a virtual service to customers in the US: consulting, financial management, sales, technology services, app development, etc. You will eventually need to move most of your business to Puerto Rico and hire local staff. 

 The cost of living is very similar to the US average, so there is little financial risk to relocating and enrolling in the program. You must be willing to truly relocate your life to Puerto Rico. You cannot be halfhearted about this. Puerto Rico is a beautiful place with wonderful people, but it is also a frustrating and overall more dangerous place to live than in most of the continental US. It’s important to have a very strategic plan on how, when, and where to settle. 

Act 20/22 Relocation Services by REX: Relocation Experts

REX can offer customized services to make sure your transition is ideal. 

Relocating to Puerto Rico for Act 20 Act 22 Concierge

Where do I start? 

Chances are your local attorney and accountant will never have heard of this program. It’s wise to begin with an initial consultation with our experts to discuss your situation and goals so that you can determine whether relocating is in your best interest. This begins the due diligence process—an initial guided visit to the island and consultation with our networks of subject matter expert attorneys and accountants.

Act 20/22 Relocation Services by REX: Relocation Experts

 If you make the decision to move, REX will assist you every step of the way: 
Initial Structuring 
 Transplant Consulting 
 Legal Analysis 
 Government Applications 
 Accounting Services 
 Selecting a Home Base 

Transitioning Services
Commercial Leasing 
 Realty Services 
Moving/Import services 
Local Hiring 
Asset Management 
Government Registrations (DMV, etc) 

 Family and Lifestyle 
 School Placement 
 Language Training 
 Domestic Staffing 
 Social Integration

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Relocating to Puerto Rico for Act 20 Act 22 Concierge