Palmas del Mar Series ::: Las Villas en Palmas

In this series, you will learn a bit about the different neighborhoods in Palmas del Mar to help make your renting or buying decisions a bit more informed.

Las Villas en Palmas is actually split into 2 communities, split by Coral Drive.  They are both gated without a guard, so you need a buzzer of keycode to enter.  Both have a nice little community pool and small gazebo eating area.  Both are perfect for small families. On the "social ranking" ladder of Palmas, Las Villas does not seem to rank very high, but I like them very much.  The style is more classic Spanish villa with adobe-like walls and curves.  Las Villas 1 is more of a reddish adobe color with green shutters and Las Villas 2 is more yellow toned with white shutters.   I really wanted to buy a little place in Las Villas, but my husband convinced me that they really would be too small for our family of 6.  (He's right.)

The villas run anywhere from 1-3 bedrooms and each have 2-3 bathrooms.  Many of them have small, private, walled terraces and there are walking paths/sidewalks curving around the entire community which are perfect for stroller walking, baby bike riding and roller blading.  The community is quiet and empty most of the week, which makes the parking lot OK for bike riding and such as well. Some of the properties are a bit run down, as this is one of the older Palmas communities, but many have been remodeled and the prices are really quite good for Palmas.  THIS is the villa I really liked, particularly that little terrace! Both Las Villas communities face the harbor and some have a pretty view of all the boats.  The location is right in the middle of Palmas and convenient to Palmanova Plaza.  Note the pools for each community are circled:

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