Do you need a Puerto Rican Driver's License for Act 20/Act 22?

The short answer: YES.

...but it may not be as easy as you imagine.  In fact, the DMV is one of the first horror stories Act 20/22 members commiserate over. We researched heavily before our visit and it took about 90 minutes -- about a quarter of the time it usually takes IF you can manage to get it all done in one day. There are ridiculous hoops to jump through (like the "doctor" and the double set of requisite pictures), but you absolutely must go through this rite of passage to be a full-fledged Act 22er.

Moving to Puerto Rico for Act 20 22 What is the catch?
The Puerto Rican DMV in Humacao on a very slow day!
REX can help by giving you the streamlined process and making sure you know what you are getting into. You cannot just show up at the DMV and hope for the best or you will will be there for hours upon hours if not coming back day after day.

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