Puerto Rico's Act 20 and 22

Puerto Rico’s Acts 20 and 22 provide a unique opportunity for businesses and investors to enjoy significant tax savings—the average participant’s effective total tax rate is reduced to just 7-10% of their annual income if they meet certain criteria (most importantly that they spend 183 days per year in Puerto Rico, have a “closer connection” to PR than to the States, and that their income is passive profit from services exported out of PR).

For those that meet the criteria, the program is life-changing—a dramatic move toward economic freedom while enjoying all of the protections of US law and living in a tropical paradise. The process of qualifying, transitioning, and settling, however, is daunting. That’s why we are here to help. 

Relocating to Puerto Rico for Act 20 Act 22 Concierge

Act 20/22 Relocation Services by REX: Relocation Experts

 Is this too good to be true? 

No, the structure established in Acts 20 and 22 is not a gimmick or a loophole, but was very intentionally established to bring entrepreneurs into Puerto Rico. It works for hundreds of individuals and is the best tax incentive available to Americans. As with any complex financial planning measure that spans two independent national taxing authorities, though, you need a good plan and good counsel to make sure that your move is structured properly.

 Will it work for me? 

The program has a wide range of applications, but is best suited to those that provide a virtual service to customers in the US: consulting, financial management, sales, technology services, app development, etc. You will eventually need to move most of your business to Puerto Rico and hire local staff. 

 The cost of living is very similar to the US average, so there is little financial risk to relocating and enrolling in the program. You must be willing to truly relocate your life to Puerto Rico. You cannot be halfhearted about this. Puerto Rico is a beautiful place with wonderful people, but it is also a frustrating and overall more dangerous place to live than in most of the continental US. It’s important to have a very strategic plan on how, when, and where to settle. 

Act 20/22 Relocation Services by REX: Relocation Experts

REX can offer customized services to make sure your transition is ideal. 

Relocating to Puerto Rico for Act 20 Act 22 Concierge

Where do I start? 

Chances are your local attorney and accountant will never have heard of this program. It’s wise to begin with an initial consultation with our experts to discuss your situation and goals so that you can determine whether relocating is in your best interest. This begins the due diligence process—an initial guided visit to the island and consultation with our networks of subject matter expert attorneys and accountants.

Act 20/22 Relocation Services by REX: Relocation Experts

 If you make the decision to move, REX will assist you every step of the way: 
Initial Structuring 
 Transplant Consulting 
 Legal Analysis 
 Government Applications 
 Accounting Services 
 Selecting a Home Base 

Transitioning Services
Commercial Leasing 
 Realty Services 
Moving/Import services 
Local Hiring 
Asset Management 
Government Registrations (DMV, etc) 

 Family and Lifestyle 
 School Placement 
 Language Training 
 Domestic Staffing 
 Social Integration

Contact us today:

Relocating to Puerto Rico for Act 20 Act 22 Concierge

Palmas del Mar Series ::: Palmanova Plaza

In this series, you will learn a bit about the different neighborhoods in Palmas del Mar to help make your renting or buying decisions a bit more informed.

Palmanova Plaza is one of the most distinctive locations inside Palmas del Mar and you will certainly want to stop by at least once if you are vacationing in Palmas. If you are staying at the Westin, you MUST skip the restaurants near the hotel and go to Palmanova. You must. If you are moving to Palmas, you might come to Palmanova often, especially if you need to buy a PO box.

The Restaurants of Palmanova Plaza

Blue Hawaii - +1 (787) 285-6644  We are going to start with the Chinese restaurant -- YES! various Asian restaurants abound in Puerto Rico and are surprisingly good. Blue Hawaii has great lunch specials and is always calm, quiet and has good service. Blue Hawaii is located on the left as you walk into the Plaza.

C Bar - Nestled away in the far right corner as you enter the plaza, CBar is another favorite of Palmas residents. It has the best decor hands down in Palmanova and the food isn't bad either! We have never seen an actual menu at CBar, but after sampling many different dishes, Cbar is now our hamburger destination. Freshly made and seasoned well, the CBar burgers are maybe the best food in Palmanova. The basic "rice and beans" is also quite delicious as a side dish to any of the meals here.

The Pizza Place 787.850.4888 Formally known as 'The Flying Pizza', this casual hole-in-the-wall is located in the back of Palmanova, behind and to the right of YogenFruz. The pizza is good, but pricey and there is very little seating available.  Most business seems to be takeout.

La Brochette - +1 (787) 852-7173  Full disclosure, this is the ONE restaurant we have not tried yet in Palmanova. Why? The prices are high and the reviews are bad.  However, you should get familiar with the location of La Brochette (back left corner as you come into the plaza) because the bathrooms are located directly across from it!

Restaurant Reviews Palmoanova Plaza Palmas del Mar Humacao Puerto Rico La Brochette
Chihuahua(787) 850-2693 This little Mexican place is a favorite of many Palmas residents.  The steak fajitas are highly praised (though they come in a sweet sauce that is not to my liking).  Service here is usually friendly and as fast as Puerto Rico gets (which is not very!) I personally have not found a dish I love here, but I do like the atmosphere. Highly over-rated in my book -- sorry!

Restaurant Reviews Palmoanova Plaza Palmas del Mar Humacao Puerto Rico Chihuahua

Pura Vida - +1 (787) 531-8849 This is one of our favorites in Palmanova and the first place we had dinner in Palmas. I like the blackened salmon, but I love overdone salmon and it is definitely overdone. The lamb chops get good reviews and the traditional Puerto Rican side dishes are very good here. You can sit inside at the bar, outside in white plastic seats (not comfy) or the comfy outdoor lounge seaters.  Look for the guys in the blue shirts - service at Pura Vida is usually very good!

Zona Fresca Grill - Located in the back left corner of Palmanova, this place was one that we did not eat at for several months. It is kind-of hidden away, non-descript and has no AC.

YogenFruz - This is a frozen yogurt chain throughout Puerto Rico and it is quite yummy, though a bit pricey. I love the "tart" softserve and the boys enjoy getting "mix-ins where the frozen fruit is squished into a vanilla yogurt base. If you go with the tart soft serve, try a medium with blueberries and pralines -- the BEST.  Yogen Fruz also has an app that lets you earn points everytime you buy. It is free and will net you free yogurt -- why not??

Restaurant Reviews Palmoanova Plaza Palmas del Mar Humacao Puerto Rico Yogen Fruz

The Other Stuff

Beyond food, Palmanova has a small postal store, grocery store, salon and more realtors offices than seems necessary. Here are some of the highlights:

D Salon - $22 haircuts and almost $50 pedicures.  It is strangely priced.  There are plenty of hair cutting seats, but only 2 pedicure seats, so call in advance for an appointment.  The haircut and pedicure were both nice, but the almost $50 regular old pedicure left me feeling a bit robbed. 9 out of 10 times we have had good experiences here, but in full disclosure, one of my sons had his WORST EVER haircut here.  It was so awful we had to buzz it :/ In any case, if you need a quick haircut, manicure or pedicure, D Salon is located in the back of Palmanova Plaza in between Zona Fresca and Yogen Fruz.

Reviews Palmoanova Plaza Palmas del Mar Humacao Puerto Rico D Salon

The main competition for D Salon is Los Lagos.  Located closer to the entrance of Palmas, Los Lagos offers the same service, most of them cheaper, but in a smaller space that is less luxurious.

Beauty by Bouret - Located to the left when you enter Palmanova, this little office is very clean and friendly. Denise handles front desk and laser hair removal, while Lisette Bouret is a certified doctor that can be seen on Fridays. We have used Dr. Bouret for simple ear infections and physicals for school. She is affordable, kind and capable. Denise is incredibly friendly, efficient and a welcoming face when you are new to Palmas :)

Notary: Rita Molinelli - Efficient and kind, Rita offers notary services for average prices with a smile :)

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Do you need a Puerto Rican Driver's License for Act 20/Act 22?

The short answer: YES.

...but it may not be as easy as you imagine.  In fact, the DMV is one of the first horror stories Act 20/22 members commiserate over. We researched heavily before our visit and it took about 90 minutes -- about a quarter of the time it usually takes IF you can manage to get it all done in one day. There are ridiculous hoops to jump through (like the "doctor" and the double set of requisite pictures), but you absolutely must go through this rite of passage to be a full-fledged Act 22er.

Moving to Puerto Rico for Act 20 22 What is the catch?
The Puerto Rican DMV in Humacao on a very slow day!
REX can help by giving you the streamlined process and making sure you know what you are getting into. You cannot just show up at the DMV and hope for the best or you will will be there for hours upon hours if not coming back day after day.

Call us today for you free consultation at 4O2-2O2-5053.

Palmas del Mar Series ::: Costa Verde

In this series, you will learn a bit about the different neighborhoods in Palmas del Mar to help make your renting or buying decisions a bit more informed.

The next community in Palmas that I would like to introduce you to is "Costa Verde" or Green Coast.  Costa Verde is a smaller family community located near the school and golf course.  It is one notch "above" Palmas Plantation.  From an outsider's point of view coming in, the communities here in Palmas definitely have a "social" standing that affects price even if the homes are not necessarily of the caliber you would expect.  For example, we were told Haciendas de Palmas and Villa Franca are on the bottom of the barrel and that is somewhat true -- they are not the nicest -- but they certainly are not "bad".  Costa Verde, on the other hand, is considered very nice in Palmas.
Costa Verde Clubhouse
Costa Verde Clubhouse
Costa Verde Community Pool
Costa Verde Community Pool
If I am completely honest, I think Costa Verde is overpriced.  Prices range from 400,000-800,000+ for 4 bedroom homes on small lots.  Some have pools and many have nice kitchens, bathrooms and tilework.  The clubhouse is nice and the pool is also quite nice for the community.  However, compared to the rest of Palmas and the current prices, Costa Verde was a pass for us while house hunting.
Costa Verde Community backs up to the Golf Course and water features, also next to main road and golf cart path (pictured)
The location is great for families, especially for those with children attending Palmas Academy -- note how close they are on the map.  
A trip to Palmanova Plaza for dinner or to the beach club will require a golf cart or quite a long trek from Costa Verde.

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Palmas del Mar Series ::: Las Villas en Palmas

In this series, you will learn a bit about the different neighborhoods in Palmas del Mar to help make your renting or buying decisions a bit more informed.

Las Villas en Palmas is actually split into 2 communities, split by Coral Drive.  They are both gated without a guard, so you need a buzzer of keycode to enter.  Both have a nice little community pool and small gazebo eating area.  Both are perfect for small families. On the "social ranking" ladder of Palmas, Las Villas does not seem to rank very high, but I like them very much.  The style is more classic Spanish villa with adobe-like walls and curves.  Las Villas 1 is more of a reddish adobe color with green shutters and Las Villas 2 is more yellow toned with white shutters.   I really wanted to buy a little place in Las Villas, but my husband convinced me that they really would be too small for our family of 6.  (He's right.)

The villas run anywhere from 1-3 bedrooms and each have 2-3 bathrooms.  Many of them have small, private, walled terraces and there are walking paths/sidewalks curving around the entire community which are perfect for stroller walking, baby bike riding and roller blading.  The community is quiet and empty most of the week, which makes the parking lot OK for bike riding and such as well. Some of the properties are a bit run down, as this is one of the older Palmas communities, but many have been remodeled and the prices are really quite good for Palmas.  THIS is the villa I really liked, particularly that little terrace! Both Las Villas communities face the harbor and some have a pretty view of all the boats.  The location is right in the middle of Palmas and convenient to Palmanova Plaza.  Note the pools for each community are circled:

If you are interested in learning more and making the leap, please read and contact REX:Relocation Experts.

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