The TOP 5 Reasons to Move to Puerto Rico

1. Act 20/22 - If you are on this site, you are most likely already considering Act 20/22.  REX can help you determine whether your particular job, salary and investments will fit the requirements and whether your current income would make the move worth it. In many cases, the tax jump from 50-60-65% down to around 4% make Puerto Rico a move you cannot pass up.

2. You can move to Puerto Rico for the tax benefits and still maintain your US citizenship. This is huge! There are plenty of countries you can move to to save your hard-earned money, but there are very few places where you can jump off the tax circus ride and still keep your US passport.

3. Many mainland conveniences exist in Puerto Rico. Things are absolutely different here, but you should be able to find most of the products you are used to, most of the food and beverages you prefer and hit up first run movies when they first come out. You will find Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club, Marshalls, McDonald's, etc along with several big malls with hundreds of familiar stores.  Amazon Prime also ships free to Puerto Rico!

The top 5 Reasons to move to Puerto Rico Act 20/22 Relocation Experts

4. English is widely spoken in Puerto Rico. Though Spanish is spoken widely, many people also know English which makes the transition to a new culture much easier.

5. There are plenty of beautiful places to explore, including El Yunque, the only rainforest in the US.  You will find waves slamming into boulders in Old San Juan, cute little towns scattered throughout the Island and modern surprises like the new Children's Museum in Carolina.

Should you move?  It depends on what you are looking for.

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